As a choreographer, my work merges physical space with digital space. I am fascinated by the gray area between what is real and what is virtual; mixing movement with technology allows me to inhabit different levels of that continuum. Through the incorporation of video, projections, motion capture, interactivity, augmented reality, animation, sound, lights, and more, I seek to engage with the question, how do we choreograph technology? I am interested not only in how technology can affect movement but also in how the incorporation of these elements becomes a dance in and of itself. I revel in experimenting with unfamiliar territory and am always looking to venture down new avenues for exploring these ideas.


My own movement style is weighted and momentum-driven with lots of quick shifts in and out of the floor. However, I work collaboratively with my dancers and draw upon their unique intellectual and creative strengths to generate more varied movement material. I value risk taking and problem solving, and am excited by movers who are willing to step outside their comfort zones even when it means making mistakes. Together, we generate movement that is ultimately intertwined with technology to create multimedia performance pieces. As a dancer myself, the actual movement is always central to my work; I view the layering of technology into it as yet another moving body to choreograph.

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Cassie Burns / CB Dance Project

Home Photo: Cassie Burns | Header Photo: Matt Yeoman