Project-based dance company in Rochester, NY.
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Full Screen
Trio negotiating the inconsistency between the capabilities of bodies and the capabilities of technology.
Dancers: Emma Cohen, Claire Fisher, Rebecca Oberstadt
Premiere: WAXworks, June 2019 (New York, NY)

Zeros and Ones
Solo exploring the uncomfortable middle ground between female and male, between conformity and “other,” ultimately questioning why not fitting neatly into the binary needs to be uncomfortable at all.
Dancer: Cassie Burns

Premiere: Women's Work, May 2019 (Detroit, MI)

Stopped Motion
Film/installation examining the overlap between dance and visual art and how we view and engage with each.
Dancer: Sophie Nash



Duet with Maddie Kurtz/MKrep.
"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" is a duet investigating exaggerated tropes in female friendship as it is portrayed in popular media.

Multimedia performance piece with Al Chimienti
New work situated at the intersection of dance, skateboarding, film, and music.

Dance film with James Hansen/Assemblage Dance
"Fault Lines" is a dance film exploring the distortion of memory and inner narrative over time.

Dance film with Amy Slocum/Sullivan Dances

Details TBA

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Cassie Burns / CB Dance Project

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