Premiere: A Solo Machine, February 2018 (Rochester, NY)

Additional Performances: Morning Dances, October 2017 (Rochester, NY) [five-minute excerpt shown as work-in-progress]; Scholars Day, April 2018 (Brockport, NY) [20-minute excerpt]
Dancers: Katie Brauer, Emilia Bunich, Haley Burns, Emily Conn, Claire Fisher, Jenna Kelly, Mia Martelli, Lucy Mundschau, Sophie Nash, Rebecca Oberstadt

Music: "Keep an Eye Out..." by Michael Wall/soundFORMovement
Ten-dancer group piece looking at the integration of video technology into live performance and the questions of dancer agency that arise as a result (45:00).
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Photo: Cassie Burns


Premiere: New Dancers Showcase, November 2017 (Brockport, NY)
Dancers: Bailey Kernan, Anna Muchard, Lucy Mundschau

Music: "TRNSMSSN No. 1 (mhzsent's beatnoisewall mix)" by T.R.I.v.M.
Low-tech trio inspired by the unique choreographic possibilities enabled by video editing and how those seemingly-impossible manipulations can be translated to the physical body (3:30).
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Photo: Matt Yeoman


Premiere: Tiny & Short: A Drop in the Bucket, October 2017 (Cambridge, MA)

Additional Performances: Tiny Dances, October 2017 (Brockport, NY); DANCE/Hartwell, December 2017 (Brockport, NY)
Dancer: Briana Giordano

Music: "Nearly There (Metal Machine Music Remix)" by Lee Rosevere
Solo investigating the feelings of vulnerability that accompany having one’s private life on display as the dancer is confronted with video surveillance footage of herself displayed on an old CRT TV (3:00).

This dance was first created for Tiny and Short: A Drop in the Bucket at The Dance Complex, Cambridge, MA.

Photo: Cassie Burns


Premiere: DANCE/Hartwell, March 2017 (Brockport, NY)

Additional Performance: Dance Awareness Days Guest Artist Showing, February 2017 (Brockport, NY) [shown as work in progress]
Dancer: Haley Burns
Music: "peaceful melting on shrooms" by deef

Solo in which projected video is considered as lighting design, attempting to highlight rather than compete with the dancer (3:45).

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Photo: Tori Langseder


Premiere: New Dancers Showcase, November 2016 (Brockport, NY)
Dancers: Haley Burns, Jenna Kelly, Jolie Saltiel
Sound Design: Cassie Burns
Trio exploring the building and layering of new phrase material (3:30).

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Photo: Chiquita Limer


Premeire: DANCE/Hartwell, October 2016 (Brockport, NY)
Additional Performances: Morning Dances, November 2016 (Rochester, NY); ACDA Northeast Regional Conference, March 2017 (Randolph, NJ)
Dancers: Katie Brauer, Claire Fisher, Jenna Harrington, Chloe London, Rebecca Oberstadt
Music: “nostalgia of an ex-gangsta-rapper” by deef
Quintet exploring the unique choreographic possibilities inherent within video editing as they relate to live dancers via projection (5:30).

Video Link

Photo: Olivia Cacciatore


Premiere: DANCE/Hartwell, April 2016 (Brockport, NY)

Additional Performance: Graduate Choreography Showing, February 2016 (Brockport, NY) [shown as work in progress]
Dancers: Rebecca Buranich and Claire Fisher
Music: “Chantiers Navals 412” by LJ Kruzer
Duet in which a video dance is filmed and projected behind the performers in real time, considering the camera person to be just as much a dancer as the one being filmed (3:30).

Video Link

Photo: Joyce Edwards


Premiere: New Dancers Showcase, November 2015 (Brockport, NY)
Dancers: Katie Brauer, Claire Fisher, Briana Giordano, Samantha Pagliei, and Kendra Pickett
Music: “Curtains Are Always Drawn” by Kai Engel
Quintet indulging in and challenging the movement habits of the dancers (4:00).

Video Link

Photo: Rebecca Buranich


Premiere: Tiny Dances, October 2015 (Brockport, NY)
Dancer: Cassie Burns
Music: “Silence” by Kai Engel
Solo indulging in and challenging the movement habits of the dancer (3:00).

Video Link

Photo: Sara Caplan


Premiere: Fall Dance Concert, November 2014 (Medford, MA)
Dancers: Miriam Priven, Annie Roome, Alicia Sanders-Zakre, and Erin Sifre
Music: “Flicker” by Origamibiro
Quartet inspired by the changes that occur when a dance is translated from the stage to the screen (6:15).

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Photo: Donna DeSimone

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